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On Creativity

Mangue Banzima – On Creativity Segment 1080 from Mangue Banzima on Vimeo.

Art Car…byKito.com

Stitch Savannah

Max Solomon 1950’s Look

Live street style Q & A

Mangue in action

Everyday I roll out on the street with my camera, people stop me to ask questions: How do I do what I am doing? How long does it take to capture a stylish shot? Why don’t more people see me out on the street with my camera? Why haven’t I formally identified myself? What’s my personal style? And the questions keep coming…

So for starters, I figured I’d post this short video for your enjoyment. I hope it will give you a sense of things–how I approach people, my street style and how many of you have responded to and interacted with me.

And lastly, I wanted to thank SCAD students Andrew Wecht and Omar Abushaikha for working with me on this project. They flexed their movie making knowledge on this one in preparation for producing bigger movies and videos in the future. Bravo guys!