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Style Questions and Answers

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Liz Friedman stands out when she walks down the street. She’s known in her neighborhood for her outgoing personality, impeccable taste in clothes, and her larger than life jewelry. She just sold her corner apartment and is moving to the heart of Manhattan, but welcomed us into her Sutton Place apartment for a peek inside her remarkable closet.

What made you make your own jewelry?
My porcelain collection inspired my jewelry making. And I wanted bigger pieces. I could never find any, so I made my own.

How do you tell if someone is a true New Yorker?
Two things a true New Yorker never does:
– Pronounce Houston St. incorrectly
– And pay full price for retail

Has fashion always been a love of yours?
No matter what was happening around me, I was always fascinated by fashion. It didn’t matter if it was in a historical context or every day- I was just drawn to clothes.

Any New Year resolutions or dreams to tackle in 2015?
I’ve lived near 58th for fifty years, but my dream, since I was 15, was to live in the middle of Manhattan- and I’m moving next month! It’s the closest I can get. If you don’t have a dream, you don’t have a map to life.

Your confidence is overwhelming. Were you just blessed with confidence from an early age?
That all comes with age. Especially for women, you spend your whole life pleasing other people, but when you get older, you don’t give a damn about what others think. After 45, life was a party.

You have a lot vintage clothing, where do you find it in the city?

Thrift stores, but a lot comes from the The Manhattan Vintage Show. That’s where all the kooks get their stuff.

What is your go to accessory for winter?
A fabulous fur hat. Everything you buy should have a fabulousity factor to it.

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Friedman’s jewelry is bold and eclectic. It’s safe to say that her jewelry collection is even more impressive than her shoe collection.

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Along with books, Friedman’s bookshelves include a well-organized inventory of beading for her handmade jewelry.

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A connoisseur of fine porcelain china, Friedman has quite a collection on display in her apartment and credits the rich designs as one of her main inspirations for her jewelry pieces.

Quistyle (56)

We’re not sure what is more impressive, the gigantic bust of Julius Caesar or this vintage 100-year-old cotton faux fur coat. This style would have been seen on the Titanic at the turn of the 20th century.

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