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‪Thank you all and a special thanks to my family and those who have consistently believed in me.

As we leave 2013 behind and usher in 2014, I wanted to reflect and give gratitude. To all those whom I have pictured through my view finder: thank you for showing me your world, your ideas, your joy and your style. Your displays of self- expression made me appreciate my every moment on the street. Going forward, you will continue to see different images, different compositions, different cities, and the vast array of different people and cultures that make our world  amazing.

May 2014 be a year filled with joy, prosperity and peace for us all.

Lets keep expressing ourselves out there in the world.

See you on the streets.

Mangue Banzima

Spotted during New York Fashion Week

If  I photographed you during New York Fashion Week and you’ve not  seen your picture yet,  please revisit Qui style. I am working with hundreds of images.

If you were spotted by Mangue Banzima on QuiStyle during Fashion Week in NYC, its only fair that we give credit to the designers and artists who make style come alive.

Simply place your cursor on your image, copy the image number and send it to me via email so that I can link all credits to each image. Thank you.

Mangue Banzima


Taste of Atlanta: elegantly curated boutique


Just as I do in every city I visit, I explored Atlanta on a recent trip and discovered some great venues. Last year, West Egg cafe became my favorite spot for breakfast or lunch. On the way to West Egg yesterday, I noticed a small chic shopping area call the White Provisions with high-end retailers like Knoll, Billy Reid, and many more. Just beyond this center, over the bridge is Bacchanalea which is one of Atlanta’s best restaurants. And next door to the restaurant is SID MASHBURN, an elegantly curated boutique. I spent quite a bit of time here and I must say the buyers know exactly what they are doing–impeccable taste that is in perfect tune with current and classic style. The merchandise is exquisite and so varied giving clients a broad range to choose from. One can never go wrong. I want everything in this shop for my closet.

SID has mens, womens and a small selection for kids at ANN MASHBURN. But the element that makes them stand out extends beyond their merchandise and their great style. They provide their clients with an experience and some of the best customer service I have seen in a long time. The management, style consultant, tailors and even the cleaning crew are all passionate about what they are doing and it shows. These staff members believe in their product and are confident about not only selling it but wearing it as well. This commitment and passion led me to photograph Graham , Brad , and Donnie, who naturally express their style, flair and a sense humor–everything just works: quality, style, originality…the perfect fit.


IMG_3639 (2)





Taste of Savannah: SCAD Equestrian show 2013

What a Saturday afternoon. As I stood out in the field looking through my view finder, the first thing that came to mind was the world of Ralph Lauren. When everyone else was focused on the rules, proper form and the scores, I focused on the details–silk lining, elegant colors, buttons, lapels, vents, rivets, shoe laces, shiny leather boots, patterns and even the harnesses on the horses. It was hard to differentiate between the riding teams and who was competing for what and when. But one thing was clear, every young lady was dressed, poised, confident and ready to compete. Each of them were measured to fit in their riding uniforms; from their helmets to their classic riding boots.
This was an experience that would be inspiring for any fashion designer and clearly already has been: Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Tods…




















Happy New Year: 2013

The world can be a beautiful place. And its up to us to make it so. Taking care of others and taking care of ourselves is essential. Finding joy in the small things is also important–having joie de vivre allows for wonderment and joy. How we express these feelings can be wonderful, and fashion and personal style is a fine example of such expression.

It is always a pleasure to read all of the inspiring notes from my subjects and to hear what Qui Style has brought to their lives. Some people have met their loved ones through the blog, and others, have connected with long lost friends.
Through my lens I have noticed a big changes on our streets; including something called “Fast Fashion”–designer-style clothing for the masses released multiple times each season.  And yet, the classics remains. Vintage still shines.

May this year enhance you all and bring the best creativity and innovation to light.
I hope to visit more cities in 2013 to highlight the “Taste of…”

See you on the streets.

Qui style approved Max Solomon 1950′s look

9 questions for Kristopher Buhidar

MANGUE: Tell me something most people dont know about you?

KRISTOPHER: I am known to spit a pretty good freestyle from time to time

MANGUE: What brings you to Savannah ?

KRISTOPHER: I arrived March of 2012 to attend SCAD to further my studies of visual communication and to meet other like minded creatives.

MANGUE:  So far I love the creative direction and concept at Elev8ed, what inspired you ?

KRISTOPHER: Thank you so much Mangue that means a lot coming from you. My inspiration is derived from my love for skateboarding and good design. Honestly I’m just making it up as I go along.
Linking up With the owner of Elev8ed, Mark Redman has been a huge blessing to me as a creative, I can not thank that dude enough

MANGUE:  I love seeing you on the street with your pants rolled up . How do you define your personal style ?

KRISTOPHER: Haha! I have an affinity for odd socks so I have to show them off from time to time. I’m really just in to all kinds of styles, most of which have some root in skateboarding

MANGUE:  I spotted you wearing your Adidas Js Wing by Jeremy Scott. Are you a fan ? And why ?

KRISTOPHER: Yes I’m a Huge Fan I currently own a couple different pairs of Adidas Jeremy Scott. He is a master of the visual remix. I believe thats what all great design comes from: by combining familiar ideas and placing them in unnatural situations. By doing this, you have achieved some thing fresh and new, even if to some the new idea is ridiculous.

MANGUE: How do you define street style ?

KRISTOPHER: It is unique to the individual and describes exactly who you are without having to say a word.

MANGUE: Who is your favor designer ?

KRISTOPHER: Though I could go on for days about graphic,industrial and fashion designers, I’ll just list fashion designers I’m vibing…. In no particular order: Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, James Jebbia, Nigo, Adam Kimmel, Scott Sternberg, Jean Touitou, yoon and verbal.

MANGUE: What’s your best piece of style advice for the hipsters in Savannah?
KRISTOPHER:Cool can’t be bought.

MANGUE: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

KRISTOPHER: Still learning and growing, both as a human and as a creative.


If you were spotted by Mangue Banzima on QuiStyle during Fashion’s Night Out in Savannah or during Fashion Week in NYC, its only fair that we give credit to the designers and artists who make style come alive.

Simply place your cursor on your image, copy the image number and send it to me via email so that I can link all credits to each image. Thank you.

Mangue Banzima

As we approach the second annual FNO in Savannah…

Dear All

First of all I want to extend my gratitude to all of you. It has been exciting and enlightening to highlight each individual’s unique style at QuiStyle.com. I will keep doing what I do. Please do the same.

Savannah’s residents have original style and they display it all around town. This original style and attitude are also in dialogue with the broader world and its great to consistently see connections between Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston, and NYC among other cities. Without a doubt, fashion, style and the freedom of creative expression are an important part of our daily lives everywhere.

That said, as we approach the second annual Fashion Night Out in Savannah, I want to keep it simple by showing you how people celebrated this stylish evening last year.

Here’s one “snap shot”: Blake Olmstead-Mavrogeorgis woke up in the morning last September wearing her FNO t-shirt walking her beautiful dog, sipping her coffee and planning how she would hit the ground running that evening on Broughton Street.

I will be out there again this year on September 6th to spot people on the street and the way the express themselves.

Style on!

Taste of Charlotte: spotted at the airport

Im glad to be back in Savannah. While in transit at Charlotte, I spotted Christina on her way to Montreal in her Yankee cap, Nike sneakers and Prada bag. It is an interesting look and it answers the central question of Qui Style: “Who” has style? What I like the most about her look that she fully and freely expresses her own sense of style. She simply created a contrast by mixing the high and low and giving a new flair to a classic luxury item.

Taste of NYC: If you see something say something…

On the street , NYC

I was just in New York City for a special project and didn’t really intend to take many pictures. But its very hard to not shoot for QuiStyle in NYC.

As I walked down East 7th Street, I ran into Andre J and of course I had to pull my camera. I had a minute or less to capture him in his crisp white, super short denim shorts and patriotic flag bag.

As I always do, I stopped to talk with him briefly and funny enough Andre J said he remembered me from the downtown NYC scene of 10 years ago.

Andre J made history on the cover of Vogue Paris. He is gregarious, positive, glamorous and futuristic and has transformed himself into a worldwide style leader.

We had a chance to talk about his latest venture, the popular, new media platform, “What’s in Your Bag?!” When I returned to Savannah, Andre J sent me a bit more info:

Its a series of short vignettes (you can find it at: www.whatsinyourbag.tv) in which he approaches random people on the street and asks them to reveal what’s in their bag. We never know what he will uncover but we do know that it will always be an adventure with Andre J as our guide.

My only regret: I wasn’t carrying a bag that day. Check it out here

Taste of NYC: Qui ? or Who ?

Who: Theodore Grunewald
What: A stylish gentleman wearing: a Worth & Worth seersucker cap and vintage J. Press seersucker suit with a classic Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth shirt. Tie from Liberty of London. Brogue boots are Allen Edmonds 100% hand-crafted in the USA.
When: June 22, 2012
Where: Downtown bound Lexington Ave 6 train
Why: Because some people are simply born with it…