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Taste of Savannah: Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan loving SCAD students

Qui style street style 2013-05-19 (42)

Qui style street style 2013-05-19 (41)

Taste of Savannah: SCAD Fashion students

Qui style street style 2013-05-19 (2)

Taste of Savannah: Bryan Boy and Scad Fashion students

Qui style street style 2013-05-18 (25)

Taste of Savannah: Bryan Boy and SCAD students

Qui style street style 2013-05-17 (37)

SCAD Fibers Students: Collaborative Creativity…for 2013 Sidewalk Arts Festival








Taste of Savannah: SCAD STYLE 2013…Betsey Johnson simply in love with Scad students


IMG_7326 (1)



Taste of Savannah: spotted Bibhu Mohapatra at SCAD


As they say in NYC, “If you see something say something” and with Bibhu, the visual context says it all. Bibhu Mohapatra’s Collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center was breathtaking. He is a true talent and
I was blown away by his glamorous gowns, vibrant colors, texture, surface details and fur. It’s the way he manipulates the garment, and how the silhouette falls on the body. He truly gets the minds of women.

Fashion is everywhere in Savannah as the city prepares for SCAD Style. I spotted Bibhu on the streets on his way to the airport after mentoring SCAD Fashion Design students. Simply priceless.

IMG_5367 (1)

Taste of Durham NC: Jason Singh Public Policy major at Duke University

I was in Durham NC for the first U.S. retrospective for artist Wangechi Mutu’s opening at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Two hours before the opening I wandered around Durham to explore the city’s fashion and style. There is no way that one can miss Duke University–its beautiful campus sprawls throughout the city with buildings everywhere. I drove by the campus chapel and it was truly breath taking. And the diverse students are equally dynamic, exuding strong intellect and confidence. I ran into Jason Singh, a Public Policy major on his way to class from a student meeting. He was true gentleman; wearing a grey two button suit paired with a bold, multi-colored tie.

IMG_2319 (1)

Students catching up on Broughton Street

Stylish students of 2012…

Bag entirely hand sewn by Kelsey Harris.

On the last day of fall quarter classes at SCAD, I visited the Fashion Building and saw some incredible street style subjects who were wearing Rick Owens, Comme des Garcon, Number 9, Givenchy, etc. Students were all abuzz about their final projects and of course their holiday break. I was blown away by some of the accessories they wore. I spoke to Professor Marcell Mrsan who taught the handbag class. I admired the creativity, quality and crafmanship of his students’ work. My favorite pieces were the big brown bag made of an english bridle leather entirely hand-sewn made by SCAD student Gretchen M. Kreutz and the red classic croc bag entirely hand sewn by Kelsey Harris.
I wish I had carried this brown on my trip to NYC.

Bag entirely hand sewn by Gretchen M. Kreutz

Fashion blogger…the spirit of the evolution of street style in Savannah

Today I ran into Jackie Gasc from whenimnotnaked.com blog. She was boldly dressed in colorful patterns and original accessories–crisp, white goggle glasses and a sleek black geometric bracelet . She fits right with the spirit of the evolution of street style in Savannah. On this day, she was on a mission to shoot for Collegefashionista.com, equipped with her camera readily awaiting the arrival of some stylish SCAD students. I like her sense of personal style, her attitude, and the bold statement she made. It was hard not to snap a few pictures. Believe or not bloggers have gone wild lately with their expressive street style and eye for taste, and often, other bloggers can’t help but focus spotlight them.