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Archive for February, 2012

Fashion student: perfect fit

Kalup Linzy

As I sat in the crowd in the auditorium at the Scad Museum of the Art, I watched deFine Art artist Kalup Linzy on stage wearing a sequined jacket with and without lapels, backed by his six man band. Linzy always confuses his audiences but somehow also connects with them. He sings songs that you both expect and don’t. That’s his art. I asked him where he got his jacket from. And in his usual humble way, he smiled and said it was given to him by his dear friend Susanna Vapnek

Street style: long white T

Deja vu: different day

Street style: Broughton street

Street style critique by Carter Margison

MANGUE: Five months ago at Savannah’s Fashion Night Out , I met Carter Margison, Manager of James Gunn boutique on Broughton street. She had just started to work on their men’s collection in the store. After talking with her I knew that she was savvy, smart and very well-aware of both women’s and men’s fashion. She has an BFA in fashion marketing and management and a keen eye for fashion aesthetics. Since my blog reflects all kinds of style, I decided to pick a subject from my blog for her to critique based on her own opinions and taste. Here is what she had to say about this image:

CARTER: “I think this particular street style image captured by Mangue Banzima, demonstrates the aesthetic and style of modern American work wear. This guy’s simple look is shown in the raw salvaged denim that he is wearing, which has little to no distressing, and his short sleeve chambray button up. The different types of denim bring the style back to American style and how denim has expanded and how it has been worn through out the years! Personally, I enjoy the contrast of his light chambray short sleeve button up and the raw denim straight leg jeans. It has a simplistic feel that enables it to still look modern and trendy. His dark Filson messenger bag and leather lace shoes add to the look with the rich dark chocolate brown color. Overall the accessories do not over power the look, if anything they actually enhance the style and the aesthetic of this street styler!

At ScadMOA: Green Epi LV

Luxury items

At ScadMOA: Epi LV